But how do they work?

Since 2004, we’ve been importing these amazing salt crystal lamps as well as the number is what do salt lamps do and how do salt lamps work?

Our salt crystal lamps are natural bits of Salt crystal which have been hand excavated from early primordial salt rock which has crystallized in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

Salt Crystal comes from many areas on earth. Many resources online will have you consider that just Himalayan salt is “actual” and “bona fide” but this is untrue info and nearly all of the “sources” do not really own salt lamps or sell them.

Lets begin with all the basic principles of how they work

Salt Crystal is hygroscopic consuming water molecules in the atmosphere. You may see in case your salt lamp stays unlit for extended amounts of time, it is going to start to “weep” The heat from a tiny light bulb keeps these amazing crystals dry and in turn discharges a negative ions (the healthy ones present in abundance in areas like oceans, waterfalls, even your shower) to the atmosphere.

What’s An Ion?

Negative ions in the atmosphere attract particles of pollution and provide them a negative charge, ” making them seek an electric “ground and causing them to fall to the ground. It makes sense that people desire to be surrounded by negative ions as a means of protecting our well-being.

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